Honest Bookings - Zero Commission Booking Platform

How it Works

Unlike booking platforms where selling highest commission hotels is a priority, we give our commission back to you and focus on getting you the absolute best available deal. Both, our customers and hotels benefit from Honest Bookings.

Becoming an Honest Member

You can book any hotels on our platform without being a member, we have over 95% of hotels in US and most hotels in the World. Your cashback will be waiting for you in your account, if you decide to become a member and collect it later.

How do i sign up?

You can sign up with the free account by following this link sign up. Or you can search for a particular hotel and then sign up during the checkout.

Im a business, can i join?

Absolutely! Businesses are welcome at Honest Bookings, there are limitless benefits to having your employees travel for work with us. Follow this link to select what type of business account works best for you sign up.

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Get CashBack

Checkout and receive 10% Honest Hotels commission in the mail within a week*. Refer friends and get your cashback level upto 25% cashback per booking and get free membership extention of 6 months per referral.

When do i get my cash?

Depending on the hotel, cashback may be avilable within 1 to 3 weeks after the checkout.

Which hotel rooms are eligible?

95% of hotel rooms are eligible for the cashback. However some of the lowest deals may not have cashback available, if those rooms are not commissionable. We display that information prominently on a hotel page.

Watch Price Drops

Most hotels change prices on the daily basis. Track hotels pricing with "Price Watch" feature and get notified when the price changes.

How do i track hotels prices?

Search for desired hotels, and click "$ TRACK" button. We will begin tracking hotel price fluctuations. You need to be logged in order to start a tracker, you can have up to 3 active trackers per non-business account.

How and when will i get notified?

We check hotels price fluctuations daily and email you if price changes.

Get even lower deals

Rest assured that we will notify you if price suddenly goes down and will rebook you at a cheaper rate, free breakfast, parking or other room upgrades. We will find that last minute deal, even if it's not on our platform and will get you those additional savings.

How do i get lowest deals?

We display our lowest available rates on our deals page. if you don't find a hotel or destination you wanted on that page. Find your desired hotel through our hotel search and book knowing that if there is a lower rate available on the internet, we will find it and rebook you automatically.

How can i rebook the room automatically at a cheaper rate?

You will be prompted a message after the checkout to allow us to rebook you a cheaper rate automatically, we will notify you if it becomes available. Opt-in to allow us to give you those extra savings.

Always the cheapest price

While we have some of the lowest rates on the internet for a large number of hotels, we never stop scouting the internet for even lower deals, even after you already placed your booking with us, we will work hard to rebook it at even lower rate.

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